TOP TIPS for how to CO-Parent with your Narcissistic EX (TOP TIPS Revealed!)

parenting tips for new parents

TOP TIPS FOR HOW TO CO-PARENT WITH YOUR NARCISSISTIC EX (TOP TIPS REVEALED!)// In this video I will explain how to coparenting with a narcissist. Are you looking for the best coparenting tips? Coparenting isn’t easy itself even if your ex is “normal.” But coparenting with a toxic parent is even more difficult. This video will explain the top things you need to know and do when wondering how to coparent with a narcissist. What’s the best way to coparent with a narcissist to keep your and your childrens sanity? Coparenting with a narcissistic ex is not a fun task but it gets easier with tips. So this video will share tips for coparenting with a narcissistic ex to make it easier on…

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