Tips on parenting #Negative effects of beating a child #spanking for disciplining your child.

parenting tips for toddlers

Pooja Anjanikar, Founder of Maven of Education
Tips on parenting #Negative effects of beating a child # change in Child’s Behaviour#
One of the most challenging things you will do as a parent is disciplining your child. As your little one grows up, his tantrums and demands will increase too. His tantrums and rebellious nature may test the limits of your patience – and in that moment, you may resort to cruel techniques, such as beating or spanking for disciplining your child.
#Why Do Parents Spank Their Kids?
#Adverse Effects of Beating a Child
#Hitting Breeds Hitting
#It Devalues the Child
#It Devalues the Parent
#It May Turn into a Habit
#It Makes a Child Lose Self-Confidence
#It May…

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