The Real Reason Anderson Cooper Is Raising Baby Wyatt With His Ex

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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper announced he’d become a father to son Wyatt Morgan Cooper on-air during his April 30, 2020 broadcast, but the silver fox took to The Howard Stern Show to confirm that he and ex-boyfriend Benjamin Maisani plan to co-parent the newborn.

He added that, when he was a child, his mother wasn’t exactly what he’d call “parental.” He said,

“I wish some adult after my dad died had stepped in and just been like, ‘You know what, I’ll take you to a ball game.'”

As such, he believes that the more people who surround his son with love, the better.

Cooper also revealed that Wyatt will call him “Dad” and “Daddy,” while Maisani, who speaks to the baby in French, will go…

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