Q&A – Quarantine with a newborn, TTC, stranger danger, mom-life overseas, marriage.. etc.

parenting tips for infants

All questions are listed below along with their minute marker! Things like: how to share parenting responsibilities, talking about serious issues with our young kids, TTC, how to live overseas as a new parent, clogged milk ducts, favorite products & more!

All questions in this video:
1:32 What facial products do I use?
2:43 Where do I shop for clothes?
4:11 Where does Wilson shop for clothes?
5:19 What do you do if your baby has “stranger danger” even with loved ones? What if baby cries even while we are holding her just at the sight of someone else? How do I leave baby with my in-laws or a nanny?
7:34 How much attention does my baby need? Do I need to constantly play with my…

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