Parenting tips | Dr. V.K. Jayakumar | Founder & Chairman | Sabarigiri Group of Institutions

best parenting tips ever

Dr VK Jayakumar is an academician & educator.
Author of 27 books published in Medical, Education, General topics.
Currently the Chairman of all Institutions and Sr. Principal of the parent school at Anchal. With an experience of handling students all his life, he gives parenting tips during this Covid-19 lockdown as education has shifted to homes parents need to be more focused on their children. Dr. Vijaykumar come live on CampusCare EdTalks to share his experience on parenting and dealing with children.

Dr. Vijaykumar touches various aspects of parenting. As we are all quarantined at home and cannot go anywhere, it is a wonderful opportunity for parents to get closer to their…

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