Parenting tip from gorillas – playful adult female wrestles her son while infant rides on her back.

best parenting tips ever

For parents struggling to entertain small children in #lockdown, see how this playful mountain gorilla mum, Taraja, wrestles, tickles and gently bites the tummy of her chuckling older child, Umutware, while her infant clinging onto her back and other juveniles play nearby. Young gorillas grow up in stable family groups, learning the rules of gorilla society through rambunctious play and observing the comportment of their elders – who clearly also like to play!
This delightful scene in #VolcanoesNationalPark, #Rwanda, was filmed only a few months ago, but as a precaution against #Covid19 all tourist visits to gorillas and other apes have been suspended. Rangers monitoring apes are…

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