Parent Pointers: 7 Steps to Help Your Toddler Sleep on Their Own

parenting tips for preschoolers

Ahh, sleep! Wonderfully rejuvenating, but for parents of toddlers, often elusive. The good news is that parents can teach their toddler to fall asleep on his/her own, in their own bed, and to return to sleep if they wake in the night. In this video, I’ll briefly review 7 steps to helping a toddler or young child learn to sleep on their own. I’ll have a longer, more extensive video on sleep training young children later in the year, so be sure to subscribe to stay updated!

7 Steps:
1. Decide if you really want to your child to sleep alone. It’s okay to co-sleep!
2. Be consistent in training your child
3. Made the bedroom/sleep environment pleasant and conducive to sleep
4. Create clear…

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