Karisma Kapoor on being ridiculed for her looks, single parenting, Samaira & Kiaan | Woman Up

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Karisma Kapoor truly was a darling of the ’90s. She was the only heroine who delivered 15 blockbusters back to back during her prime. But then, she also made some fearless choices with a Zubeidaa, Fiza and a Shakti before she decided to settle down and embrace motherhood. That was a different era, where heroine’s shelf lives were decided by their age and their marital status. Today times have changed and Lolo is making a comeback with Mentalhood. Here, we have her joining us for the final episode of Woman Up, where she reveals the kind of prejudices she had to battle because she belonged to the Kapoor khandaan and how she was ridiculed for her looks and her song Sexy Sexy. Not just that,…

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