How To: Dress Your Baby While Breastfeeding | Teach ASL | Potty Train | Prepare For Dinner And Bed

best parenting tips for infants

Hey Family🌻❤️💪🏽
In this video I show my reality & a portion of my daily life of taking care And raising A breastfed 16 month old with 10 teeth that’s beginning and Really getting the hang of Consistent Potty Training🙌🏽
She breastfeeds and eat Table Food that I cook.
I pray these video’s are enlightening as well as encouraging.

❤️🌻As a teen Mom, I know I wish I had Rule Book on parenting… but I didn’t… I had to wing it… educate myself with the help of few elders. So if my videos can help Teen parents; first time parents and or family members of parents… I feel elated!❤️🌻😘 I’m accomplishing my goals of showing Love And…

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