How to be a good mother? This woman had to learn the hard way | Fabiosa Animated

best parenting tips for toddlers

How to be a good mother? Every first-time mom must have asked herself this question numerous times. There are no guidelines or rule books that can help. A woman in this video had no idea how to be a good mother to a son, she had no clue how to calm her baby when he was crying or how to calm him down during his tantrums.
Raising boys can be quite challenging. This mom desperately needed some parenting advice but there was no one to turn to until one day she met a stranger, a mom of 2 boys, who helped her to understand how to be a better mother.
Do you know how to calm a baby down from crying or do you have any other tips for first-time moms? Share them in the comments! You never know who…

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