Banana-Oats Smoothie | Infants & Toddlers Food | Breakfast Recipe

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Banana-Oats Smoothie | Baby’s First Food | Breakfast Recipe

Ingredients –
Banana – 1 Ripe (sliced)

Oats – 1 tsp ( quick quaker oats) or Rolled Oats

Milk / yogurt – 2 Tsp Boiled and Cooled , or As required (if using formula milk then no need to blend it add it just before serving) /coconut milk

dry fruits powder – for 8 months+ babies

-add all the ingredients to the blender

-allow it to blend for 30 secs to 1 min.

-if adding dry fruits powder then blend again for 10 secs

-make sure the smoothie is free of oats or banana chunks before serving the baby(Choking caution) for younger babies

-banana smoothie is ready to serve.


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