The Safest Car Seat for Our Baby

When my husband and I found out that we were going to become parents, we were beyond thrilled. We had been trying for nearly six years to start our family, and we had nearly given up hope of it ever happening. The irony is that is when it did happen, when we finally started to accept defeat in this area. The doctor confirmed what I already knew, and we got busy right away with planning on everything we would need to do and get. My husband wanted to look at the best car seats and pick out the one that he deemed the safest of all, and he left the nursery design to me.

I knew that he would want to look over his options for car seats because we had just watched a news story a few nights before we got this great news on how a car seat was ejected from a vehicle because it had not not been properly installed in the back seat. The parents were quite lucky that the injuries were very minor, but they were angry as well because of the car seat defects.

My husband found a website that has a long list of car seats on it. Each one has the name and picture of the car seat, and there is a description along with the pros and cons of each one. He looked over every single one and it did not take him long to figure out which one would be the safest car seat for us to buy. He ended up ordering three of the same car seat. One is for my car, one is for his car, and the other is for my mom since she will be watching the baby a good bit. He wanted to make sure that each vehicle was equipped with the safest car seat option. Now, we can finish the nursery together, and then we just have to wait!