12 DPO symptoms you should be familiar with

Symptoms differ for every woman. For instance, some experience many symptoms at early stage of pregnancy while other experience less or none. 12 dpo symptoms are often like the ones a women experience right before and during menstruation making it hard to differentiate. Therefore, the only way to tell is through pregnant test. Most of these symptoms are unpleasant but they play an important role in protecting women from doing something, which may harm the embryo. It is the most crucial early stage of embryo development so the symptoms act as alerts. Dpo symptoms alert them for example, to seek parental care and know their pregnancy status. The following are the 12 dpo symptoms.



Feeling exhausted is one sign of 12 dpo this is because of the progesterone hormones increasing rapidly hence contributing to sleepiness. It can start as early as a week after conception. In addition, fatigue is cause by lower levels of blood sugar, lower blood pressure and low blood production. Taking food rich in protein and iron may assist.

Spotting and mild Cramps:

This is because after conception, the fertilized egg attaches itself to wall of the uterus so spotting and cramping may be one sign of early pregnancy. It is normally known as implantation bleeding and it occurs 12 or even 6 days after fertilization. The cramps will be lighter than the one for menstrual. During this stage, most women get confused thinking it is menstrual cramps because it resembles it. Apart from bleeding, there is white, milky discharge from vagina and this starts immediately after conception. The discharge is always harmless and does not require any medication.


Due to changes in the hormones in the body which it cause bloating. 12 dpo symptom of bloating is no difference with the one before periods. It happens very early especially after conception.

Tender, sore and swollen breasts:

Another symptom is tender and full breast, which is cause by increase in the level of hormones in the body. The soreness and swelling of breast may feel abnormal and feels like when you are almost getting you periods. It is uncomfortable but it will get back to normal at the first three months when your body has adjusted to the changes in hormones. It will become swollen, sore and may feel so heavy and tender to touch. There is also darkening of the area around nipples areola

Frequent urination:

It occurs because of the hormonal changes causing increase in the blood flow through the kidney hence causing your bladder to fill fast. The symptoms may start immediately after 12 days of ovulation. Frequent urinations are because by increase in the volume of blood leading too much blood being produced hence ending up in your bladder making you to urine often.


Morning sickness for some women may happen month later after conception but others may begin almost immediately within a week or two earlier. It may not be only in the morning it can happen during the night, noon and it involves vomiting, headaches, or loss of appetite, mood swings and cravings. Nausea can continue throughout the pregnancy period or stops at the second trimester.

Back pain, dizziness and fainting:

It happens because of blood dilation, lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar. Most of this signs occurs to some women before and during menstruation period.

The 12 dpo symptoms may be unrecognizable but to be sure it is recommendable to visit the nearest health clinic or do home pregnancy test because it will save you from dilemma.