Best 3 Birthday Party Activities That Inspire Teamwork

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Source: 120 Kid’s Birthday Party Themes to Celebrate Your Child’s Big Day

Kid’s birthday party entertainment can be great fun for them. However most parents are not aware of the fact that birthday parties are such a great opportunity for their kids to interact outside the school. Encouraging teamwork can be beneficial.

When choosing birthday activities for kids, make sure you include some collaboration related activities. The visitors will not realize that the fun activities and competition are also an exercise in practicing teamwork and getting along.

Here are some games that inspire teamwork for kids.

1. Three-legged race

Source: BY-SA 2.0

Source: CC BY-SA 2.0

The three-legged race is one of the old-time kid’s birthday party activities. It requires a reasonable amount of space; make sure there is enough room to accommodate the number of players you want.

This activity requires two of them to work together, and time each movement with the other participant in mind. If they do not work with each other, there is no way to win. However, the team fails while the other one will succeed.

2. Water balloon toss

Source: BarbaraLN via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Source: BarbaraLN via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Most children love balloons, but some people do egg toss instead of the balloon toss, mostly the egg toss is better for the older kids because it gets messy in the course of the game.

This type of children birthday entertainment encourages them to communicate with one another. As one side is prepared to catch the toss which means the other side has to signal, they are about to throw the balloon. It is not actually done verbally; it’s done mostly through gesture.

The thrower must also moderate the amount of lift that is required to get the fragile object to their partners without much force, which may cause the balloon to break when caught.

3. Team trivia games

Trivia games for kids

Trivia games are also ideal for kid’s birthday party entertainment, most especially for indoor parties that do not have enough space for movement.

The trivia game should be a group match, where the participants will be split into small groups, either by choosing their own partners or just random selection by the host.

Kids can pair up in twos or in groups not more than four to five members provided that the party is large. Bear in mind that groups that are more than five may be difficult to control, and there in you might have some of them who will not participate.

Smaller groups are better because each member will have the opportunity to take part in the children birthday entertainment. Make it well organized and each group has a spokesperson, and that’s the only person allowed to speak when it’s time to answer questions.

You can get trivia questions online according to their age grade and level. This way, the kids will be able to tap into their collective knowledge and reason together to win the game.

Conclusively, there are a whole lot of reasons why kids should have an exciting birthday party activity. They tend to remember exciting moments in their lives because the way they remember them can really help to pattern their lifestyle.